New Release + Patreon

A new release of ARPGManager was pushed out to early access players last night. The release notes follow.

How does one get early access, you ask? Well, I'm happy to announce that I've set up a Patreon to support development of this totally free game, which is being funded entirely out of my own pocketbook thus far. Check out some of the rewards and early goals, as well as a little video about my story :-)

=Release Notes=

  • A basic Windows client is now available. It only runs at 1600x1200 fixed, currently. All controls are identical to the Android client. You can use either or both, interchangeably.
  • Crafting is now performed by you, the invisible sim overlord, rather than by your habitat co-resident explorers. Crafting uses items from your stash, and the result is deposited there. Recipes are unlocked using your player level and all recipe difficulties have been updated accordingly. Unlocking new recipes provides player xp and is a significant boost to leveling in the early levels.
  • Portals now have a fixed encounter sequence, rather than %-based encounter RNG. This is a significant balance change based on your feedback. Explorers were dying too often to unlucky 4+ enemy encounter sequences and players had no real control over this outcome. Explorer death is part of the game, but explorer death is now less random and more controllable through keeping up with gear upgrades and making smart portal cube risk/reward decisions. You will need to discover for yourself what encounter profile each portal cube has.
  • As a result of this change, enemies and traps have been buffed significantly.
  • As a result of this change, reliquaries are much more common. Their rarity table has been adjusted to compensate.
  • The level cap has been increased from 10 to 15. Adventures are now clamped--e.g. using a +2 level portal cube on a level 14 explorer will restrict the level to 15.
  • Items scale through levels 11-13 depending on the type, allowing a range of gear options at the top levels.
  • Enemy tiers increase every 3 levels. Enemy difficulty still scales with each explorer level.
  • Some weapons now deal multiple damage types. This is displayed in the item info and calculated into the average damage. Critical hit bonuses only apply to the primary damage mode (almost always the MUCH larger number). Strength scaling for melee weapons applies to each mode.
  • The orientation quest has been modified and expanded.
  • Daily quest xp now scales with your player level.
  • Portal cubes no longer drop prior to level 3.
  • Portal cubes now have an xp multiplier. More difficult explorations now, in addition to the opportunity for higher level loot, also give more explorer xp.
  • Color indicators have been added to the adventure log for damage text and loot rarity.
  • The level up overlay is less intrusive now.
  • Several perks that influenced encounter RNG have been replaced with explorer buff perks.
  • The return time from explorations at level 1 is significantly faster, to speed up the intro portion of the game.
  • A cancel action menu option has been added to the context menu for an explorer acting on a command.
  • Messages now persist across scene transitions.
  • The following enemies now have their own sprites:
  • Malfunctioning Polished
  • Albino Ranid
  • Scourge Embryo
  • Drone (note: all drones currently perform a kinetic bolt projectile attack regardles of their damage type)
  • Larval Crantis
  • Fixed a bug where stashing an item at level 3+ would show the LIST option, but it wouldn't work until you closed and re-opened the stash.
  • Fixed a bug where intuition was not properly increasing base psychic resistance. Every 3 points (starting with the first point allocated) will now add .01 psychic resistance. Death to the Scourge!
  • An Angel explorer skin has been added with unique animations. This will be available as a patronage reward (see below). The MTX system is not in place yet, so players who have access to the skin will need to ask me to swap it on to their explorer of choice, which I will do quite happily (and repeat if you kill them off, you bad manager, you).

=Known Bugs=

  • Damage pop-up text displays inconsistently.
  • The lowest price check in the market does not work for portal cubes.
  • On Windows, mouse wheel scrolling currently scrolls one pixel at a time. I suggest using either the slider or the click n' drag method.