Consulting for Indie Game Devs

Crane Mountain Gaming provides affordable, flat-rate consulting engagements for small and independent game developers facing the following challenges:

I'm a developer/designer, but I don't have business experience.

I have helped clients in the past with:

  • Business model - choosing the right strategy: upfront price, subscription fees, microtransactions (ethical or balance-impacting)
  • Pricing strategy - how much to charge, including competitive analysis and financial modeling
  • Backlog management - pruning your roadmap to the most impactful features and focusing on time-to-market
  • Market segmentation - choosing a target audience and meeting their needs and desires

Prior to founding Crane Mountain Gaming, I spent over a decade in IT Product Management serving the Fortune 100, globally.

I'm a good programmer/designer, but I don't trust my writing skills.

I have provided game industry clients with professional website articles and editorial services. I also have personal experience with creative writing, world-building, am a published poet and a whopping two-time conservationist speaker. I can assist with content development as well as creating or editing dialog for your story-driven game.

I think you can help me. What should I do?

Use the Contact Us form or send an email to Please include a brief description of your challenge, as well as any information about your timeline. CMG loves games, so you can expect personal touch and genuine interest in the story you're trying to tell.

Still Games

I assisted Still Games with pre-planning for their successful Kickstarter for Animal Gods, which is avaiable via Steam and in development for WiiU.

Animal Gods title artwork.


I provided LegitMTG's original owner, Jonathan Medina (since sold to a new owner) with content editing services and assisted with talent development, as well as wrote a few articles myself from time to time!

LegitMTG logo.

Tista Games

I advised Tista Games' CEO on their second, successful Kickstarter, as well as helped develop their pricing strategy. The CEO and I attended SXSW's Accelerator competition as gold members, where I helped refine and deliver their presentation to a second place finish in the entertainment category. Also, we got to hang out with Lord British!